Ten Tips to Finding Your Gay Soul Mate Online

2. Do not choose something violent. Do not choose anything that hints at any kind of hatred or violence. There is no room on dating websites for that sort of thing anyway, and women are not looking for people who talk about violence or hatred.

So, is it possible to find real love and to build a successful relationship where there is unconditional love through online dating ? Many will be having a negative answer but there can also be a positive acknowledgment if you are strongly concentrating on certain factors while choosing online dating relationships.

Do you ever wonder why women always have LOTS of pictures of them out enjoying their passions? You’ll see traveling pictures, hobby pictures, group photo shots at parties and weddings, etc. That’s because women find these things very important and they make the mistake of thinking men find this attractive in them.

Others are just shy. They pass up opportunities to get to know people out there who might be Mr. or Mrs. Right because they never seem to make their move before the opportunity is lost. Online, they don't have that same problem. So for someone who is shy, online dating can be a great way for them to meet people.

The next step is the pre-screening process for both men and women. The biggest mistake I made at first was thinking that every single person who wrote to me was “the one”. I learned to view each email with a cautiously optimistic approach and quickly learned what was a deal breaker for me and what caught my attention. From my friend’s personal experience I learned to take time emailing the person to see if there was a connection, then agree to talk on the phone to see if there was a further connection, and then agree to meet in person for coffee or one drink. A brief one-on-one date is best because you’re not trapped at a 2 hour dinner and this allows you enough time to consider a longer second date.

It’s good to meet lots of different people and providing you are honest in that you want to go out and meet people and extend your social circle, you are not hurting anyone. Meeting your date for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience anyway, so the more you practice, the greater your skill-set.

It is a good idea to review the other person's profile before responding so that you will have a better idea of how to express yourself with observations. If possible, read everything that they have to offer. You will find things to tip you off on how to reply or you may find things that are not in line with what you are looking for. You may think it obvious that we should read up on the other person, however, how many of us try to do things without reading the instructions first. It is human nature to want to cut corners. Try to find what they like to do when going on a date. This will warn you as to whether they are high maintenance or not. Be sure that the age range is that with which you feel comfortable. You don't want to spend your valuable time on someone that won't match your wishes in the end. Don't feel obligated to them and be willing to call off your correspondence without drawing it out too long. Other requirements may include their home living circumstances. Do they have young children? Do they smoke? Are they religious? Does their race matter to you? Do you have particular sexual preferences? Again, if there is no compatibility, don't waste your time or theirs.